Gap Years

Taking a gap year means taking a half or full year’s break from formalised academic study and doing something else. This year, over 350 Australians decided to defer future studies and participate in a Gap Year Israel Program. These programs fall under the Masa Israel framework, and all range from 5 months to 10 months.

A gap year in Israel offers high school graduates the opportunity to acquire a global perspective and to gain a taste of independent living all while having an incredible Israel experience.

Increasingly, universities and employers recognise the value and importance of deferring for a semester or year in order for young people to explore their interests before committing to serious tertiary study. In addition, their connection to Israel, their Jewish identity and crucially, our own Jewish community is exponentially strengthened when young adults spend a significant period of time in Israel. As one participant who recently returned from a year program in Israel said “Travelling with a group of young Jews who have the same motivation of going to Israel to learn and grow and return home to make a difference in the community, is truly comforting and incredibly empowering.”

Participants return from these Masa Israel programs invigorated, inspired and with an enhanced sense of their Jewish and Zionist identity; displaying maturity, worldliness and interest in our Australian Jewish community.


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