Masa Israel

Masa Israel is a project of the Government of Israel and the Jewish Agency for Israel and was established in 2004 with the vision that all Jewish young adults would have the opportunity to spend a semester to a year in Israel. Masa Israel offers over 200 immersive gap year, study abroad, post-university and volunteer experiences for young adults, and offer generous scholarships and grants.

Masa Israel is the umbrella framework enabling Jewish young-adults to spend from 5 to 10 months in Israel on over 300 different Israel Programs.

Available to participants aged 17-30, Masa Israel offers a range of transformative career development, volunteering, study, gap-year and other long-term experiences. Masa Israel Journey also offers scholarships, provides expertise, and supports you throughout the entire process of finding the Israel experience that’s right for you.

ZFA Israel Programs represents Masa Israel in Australia. We are here to provide you with guidance and advice throughout your entire Masa Israel experience.

Subsidies are available to eligible participants for all Masa Israel programs. Universal grants and generous means-tested scholarships are available.

In 2014/15, nearly 400 Australians participated on a Masa Israel program.


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