Masa Israel Visas


Every non-Israeli participant, who goes on a Masa Israel program can (and is strongly advised to) apply for a Masa Israel Visa. The Masa Israel Visa is a one year multiple-entry student visa to Israel.

For programs starting from July 1st, 2016 until December 31st, 2016

  1. Apply for your Masa Israel program and Masa Israel subsidy.
  2. Email and request a confirmation letter.
  3. The visa application is conducted through the Israeli Embassy in Canberra. Visit their website for more information.

For programs starting between January 1st 2017 – June 30th 2017

ZFA Israel Programs with support from local gap-year program coordinators (AZYC, IBC) will be facilitating your visa application process during November-December 2013. For further information on obtaining a Masa Israel visa, please contact ZFA Israel Programs.

Before applying for a visa, please read following important documents:

1. Masa visas Frequently Asked Questions
2. How to organise a Masa visa on your own


  1. Israel Embassy Visa Form
  2. Masa visa application for AZYC participants
  3. Masa visa application for non AZYC participants
  4. Masa Visa Declaration


If you are Israeli, you must contact the Israeli Embassy in Canberra directly to arrange your citizenship, Israeli passport and military status. If you are unsure, please contact the Embassy and clarify your status. Israelis that fail to travel to Israel on an Israeli passport may be prosecuted according to Israeli law.

You are considered Israeli if you meet one or more of the following criteria

  • You were born in Israel.
  • One or both of your parents were born in Israel, or at some stage in their lives made Aliyah.
  • You have an Israeli passport.
  • You have previously made Aliyah.