Betar Shnat

Betar Shnatties enter fresh out of school and leave more mature, more knowledgeable and with a strong sense of their Jewish and personal identity.

Betar Shnat is designed to give participants an honest insight into what Israel really is, encouraging the participants to constantly travel and explore the one and only Jewish State.
The Betar Shnat program is split into three main parts.

  • Machon: a well-established and distinguished 5 month formal education component.
  • Volunteering: 2 months of volunteering where the participants live independently and help out hands on in an aspect of Israeli society. Some years it has been building villages in the Negev, others it has been teaching English to Jewish immigrants from Ethiopia and Russia.
  • Poland trip: this newly added element adds an extra meaningful dimension to our Shnat program

Dispersed throughout are a number of additional seminars, concerts, weekends, trips and vacation periods.

Masa Israel Subsidies

This program is eligible for Masa Israel subsidies. Click here for more information.

Dates: February - December
Length: 10 months
Age Group: 17 - 19
Gender: MF
Religious Affiliation: None
Price: 18,000 AUD
Flights: Excluded
Accommodation: Included
Meals: Included