Dance Journey

Dance Journey is hosted by the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company (KCDC) and is a 5-month intensive dance program.

The Dance Journey program includes KCDC repertoire lessons as well as ballet, modern, contemporary, and pilates classes.  Here you will develop and learn about Israel’s leading dance scene through workshops and classes with the leading dance company in Israel.  This program also offers you Hebrew classes, tours around Israel, volunteering activities among local communities, Israel studies, and more.
Dance Journey dancers have an amazing opportunity to take part in ‘Nitzotzot’ where they are given the time, space, and tools to create an original choreographic work.  Dancers are given unlimited use and access to KCDC’s professional dance studios along with professional guidance throughout the creation process. Ultimately, they work present their work on KCDC’s main theatre stage.

The program’s faculty is composed of some of the best choreographers and dance teachers in Israel and worldwide.  The program takes place in the International Dance Village in Kibbutz Ga’aton, Israel where the KCDC dancers and participants of the Dance Journey program study and live together.

Masa Israel Subsidies

This program is eligible for Masa Israel subsidies. Click here for more information.

Dates: February - September
Length: 5 Months
Age Group: 17 - 30
Gender: MF
Religious Affiliation: None
Price: 8,800 AUD
Flights: Excluded
Accommodation: Included
Meals: Excluded