Midreshet Nishmat

Nishmat’s Alisa Flatow International program offers a unique opportunity for women of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities to study Jewish texts in a warm and intellectually stimulating environment. Nishmat’s hands-on approach to Torah study teaches women skills to understand and analyse classic texts, and to reflect on how they inform modern Jewish thought and practice. They offer beginner, intermediate and advanced level classes, allowing each student to grow in their Torah learning no matter where they come from. The Alisa Flatow Program prides itself on its diverse student body, exceptional and devoted scholars and Rabbis, and the opportunity to study Torah in the larger context of a bustling Beit Midrash with a variety of learners. Courses such as Tanach (Bible), Halacha (Jewish Law), Talmud, Ethics and Jewish Philosophy, place emphasis on learning with a partner; students are encouraged to explore difficult questions and to hone their text skills. In addition to formal classes, Nishmat offers a full extra-curricular program, including volunteer placement in the local community and organized trips to nature and historical sites throughout Israel.

Masa Israel Subsidies

This program is eligible for Masa Israel subsidies. Click here for more information.

Dates: January - June or September - January
Length: Optional
Age Group: 18 - 30
Gender: F
Religious Affiliation: Modern Orthodox
Price: 12,000 AUD
Flights: Excluded
Accommodation: Included
Meals: Included