Netzer Shnat

Netzer Shnat is an ideal program for anyone wishing to experience Israel from a Progressive Judaism perspective.

Following the AZYC opening ceremony, participants attend either Machon or Etgar for the first four months. Every week, time is set aside for Movement time. Etgar is specifically for Netzer Shnatties. The program is put together and run by Netzer Olami staff, both in Israel and in the respective countries.

The aims of both programs are to educate participants about Israeli society, Jewish Community, and to gain a better understanding of Progressive Judaism. Following Machon, participants will take part in a 10 day hike, followed by a month of leading on camp in a brother snif (branch) of Netzer in Israel. This will be followed by a period where we work towards Tikkun Olam, either through volunteering or an ecological seminar. Some of the past placements have included work with young, elderly, disabled or underprivileged groups of people in Israel; others involve working with organisations such as the JNF, Magen David Adom or Netzer Israel. This period is subject to change depending on the number of participants within the program.

The last two and a half months of the Shnat Netzer program are spent on either Kibbutz Lotan or Yahel, both situated 45 minutes from Eilat in the middle of the Arava desert. Whilst on kibbutz, participants will be welcomed into the kibbutz community.

Masa Israel Subsidies

This program is eligible for Masa Israel subsidies. Click here for more information.

Dates: February - November
Length: 10 Months
Age Group: 17 - 19
Gender: MF
Religious Affiliation: Progressive
Price: 20,000 AUD
Flights: Excluded
Accommodation: Included
Meals: Included