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Aardvark Israel Tech Track

Aardvark Israel’s Tech Track is an in-depth program for high-school graduates who seek to combine hi-tech training and internship experience, all while enjoying the benefits of a gap year in Israel. The program offers a 4.5, 7 or 11-month experience in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.


Students will learn different programming languages and get key skills to become a programmer, designer, or app developer. Participants also receive an official certificate as a Front-End Developer or Web Designer. At the end of semester, students will practice the skills they have acquired during the coding course and create a real, live app, for an NGO or charitable organisation. For the Second half of the year, students will intern in Israeli start-ups and gain direct hands-on experience with top industry professionals in Tel Aviv.


Students can combine this with international travel and the opportunity to work in an American Jewish Summer camp.


This Program will boost your resume with essential high-tech experience, setting you apart from the crowd and igniting your professional career.


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  • 4.5, 7 or 11.5 months

Program Includes:

  • Hi-Tech Training Course
  • Housing
  • Ulpan Classes
  • Bus pass
  • Weekly field trips
  • Medical Insurance
  • Educational and professional Seminars
  • 24/7 Staff Support and more
“Aardvark Israel tech track taught us to readjust and how to develop our own apps. We learnt the development process as well as how to find our own solutions”.
Zac Levin, London, UK
"I got to work with Apl technologies and cyber security measures. It gives me the opportunities that I never would have had otherwise while learning about the world of high-tech”.
Elliot Kupchik, Miami, Florida

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