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Beyond Israel

BEYOND ISRAEL: Israel through Fresh Eyes.


A program with substance, designed for young people who want to

experience an authentic Israel; the Israel that lies Beyond the surface.


With Beyond Israel you will…


  • Encounter the many unique faces and personalities that make up Israel’s population.
  • Cultivate Israel’s magnificent agricultural sector by working the land alongside Israeli farmers.
  • Focus on contemporary ideological and philosophical issues within Israeli society such as: LGBTQ+, religious pluralism, migrants, the relationship between the ultra-Orthodox and the State of Israel.
  • Trek the breathtaking landscapes of Shvil Yisrael, a world-renowned trail that runs from Israel’s southern deserts to the northern mountaintops.
  • Immerse yourself in the mystical old city of Tzfat; engage in powerful workshops exploring spirituality, kabbalistic teachings and Jewish identity; give back through community service; hike the hills and waterfalls of the Golan and Galilee.
  • Explore Israeli innovation, develop your own ideas and earn an accreditation at the Kinneret Academic College.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through engaging with Israelis and Palestinians on both sides of the fence whilst  traveling to some of its pivotal sites in Israel and  the West Bank.
  • Engage with other students  from Israel and around the world.
  • Journey off the beaten track.


Beyond Israel views Israel as central to the Jewish experience and endeavours to enhance participants’ connection to the country. We aim to achieve this by challenging students intellectually and exposing participants to a range of ideas, personalities and sites.


Beyond is not affiliated with any organisation, nor does it have a political

agenda beyond presenting, as much as possible, a balanced view of Israel. We are a pluralist program that considers all expressions of Judaism as equally valid and are committed to providing an open and safe environment for all participants irrespective of religious affiliation, political belief, gender and community involvement.


The next Beyond Israel course will take place from August to December 2022.


For a full program overview, more information or to apply, please visit

  • 4 Months

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