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Masa Year of Service

Masa’s Year of Service, operated by Aardvark Israel, enables adults from all over the world to fulfil civil services in Israel. As part of the program, you will make a significant contribution to the Jewish nation and experience Israeli society first hand.


This program mimics the ‘shnat sheirut’ or year of service that counts as civil service for many Israeli school leavers.


While living in Haifa, participants will engage in meaningful volunteering in Israeli hospitals, education, welfare organisations and NGO’s. Through the volunteering streams, educational activities, Ulpan classes and field trips, participants will deepen their connection to Israel and strengthen their Jewish identity.


This program is heavily subsidised by Masa Israel Journey. Price is $13 500USD and includes accommodation, meals, insurance, educational tours and programming for 10 months.

Eligible participants receive a grant of $2 400USD (means tested scholarships are also available)



  • 10 Months

Making a significant contribution to Israeli society

Program benefits

  • Live in Haifa in fully furnished apartments
  • Volunteer and interact with Israelis from diverse backgrounds
  • Forge deeper relationships between Israeli and Diaspora Jewry,
  • Acquire personal development skills early after high school
  • Gain resume-building professional experience before starting University.

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