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Maslool Ishi

Maslul Ishi is a program open to young adults aged between 17-30 from all over the world. The program enables each participant to experience Israel in a Unique way depending on individual preferences and goals. Participants design their own programs, which can include internships, volunteering, attending University courses or whatever else they choose. 


Maslul Ishi is designed for those who are looking to participate in a Masa Israel long-term program, but do not want to be confined to a group setting, and rather have a more independent experience to get an up-close feel for the Israeli culture.

  • 5-10 months

The program for independent people!
Tailor-Made | Customisable | Flexible | Freedom

  • Maslul Ishi programs include Hebrew learning, which is provided to suit the participants learning style.
  • Program includes regular trips and cultural events so participants get to experience the breadth and depth of Israel.
"Participating in Maslul Ishi was one of the most significant experiences of my life."
Fabiana Gampel Grinberg
"I chose Maslul Ishi, for the special formula it has: Choose what you want to do - and do it!"
Claire Motola

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