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Ohrsom Gap Year Program

The Ohrsom Gap Year Program revolutionises the gap year experience, intending for its participants to gain a meaningful and holistic year-long journey. The program places emphasis on three key areas: Education, Experience and Travel.


Education: students are able to gain both formal and informal fundamental Jewish values and concepts as well as career building and personal growth.


Experience: Participants are challenged through internships and MDA experiences, but also rewarded through Ski Trips to the North of Israel and Scuba Diving Trips in Eilat.


Travel: The program includes travelling abroad to countries such as India where they will hike the Himalayas. Ohrsom takes its participants to Poland for a week of introspection and experiential learning. Students also travel through Europe visiting several cities where they will have the chance to Sky-Dive, Hike, visit the Northern Lights and more!

  • 10 months

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Emphasis on three key areas: Education, Experience and Travel.

Ohrsom puts emphasis on self-growth and independence, thereby providing students with an apartment in Jerusalem as their base throughout the year.


Ohrsom is an international organisation and our students will be spending the year with international participants creating friendships and connections worldwide.

Ohrsom Student as an organisation, from the ground up, is unbelievable. Their commitment to educating and inspiring Jewish youth is simply astounding, and the means by which they achieve their goal of strengthening Jewish continuity is always exciting, appealing, creative and fun.
Gadi Hershkowitz
Ohrsom is a once in a lifetime program that allows Jewish youth from around the world to stay connected to their Jewish Learning and love for Israel. While in Israel, we were privileged enough to be able to attend the best yeshivot and midrashot and learnt a myriad of valuable lessons that we can apply in our everyday lives. Not only was the trip to Israel an exciting and fun way to explore our holy land, but we are still able to engage with our Jewish roots through relevant and thought-provoking shiurs in Australia. These shiurs continue to fuel our hunger for knowledge of judaica and our culture. Ohrsom has allowed me to maintain my connection to Judaism and has simultaneously afforded me the opportunity to form lifelong friendships and connections.
Demi Goldberg

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