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Betar Shnat

The Betar Shnat program is dedicated to creating and inspiring the next generation of  Zionist-Betar Leaders. Shnat participants are immersed in Israeli society, exploring the land and discovering new aspects of themselves and Israel.


Betar Shnat includes many different experiences over the course of the 9 month program. The program includes 3 months of the Machon Le Madrichim course, an unforgettable 2 month army experience in the Marva course, movement seminars around Israel and a meaningful volunteering period. Shnat Betar provides the freedom for personal discovery as well as the security of a carefully structured program.

  • 9 months

Betar Shnat will develop and formulate your Jewish identity, leadership skills, and a deeper connection to the land and people of Israel.

The opportunity to be immersed in Israeli culture while learning about Israeli, Zionist and Jewish history is extremely special. Betar offers its Shnat participants the Machon Le’madrichei Chul as its formal learning component. This 3 month period is followed by a 2 months of volunteering where the participants live independently.


Immediately after is a range of seminars, and finally basic army training in the form of Marva. Dispersed throughout are a number of additional seminars, concerts, weekends, trips and chofesh (break). Betar is interested in fostering the personal growth of its ‘shnatties’ and the maturity they gain from this year in Israel is immeasurable.

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