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Bnei Akiva Limmud

Bnei Akiva Limmud

Limmud is Bnei Akiva’s program for those who want to taste and experience all the wonderful aspects of Israel. Chanichim who choose to spend the year on Limmud are able to live on a Kibbutz, learn in Yeshiva or Midrasha, assist in Magen David Adom from the back of ambulances or complete a basic army course called Marva and partake in Shvil Yisrael, a 10 day hike throughout various parts of the country.


The participants will join a Mechina Olamit with Israeli adolescents who are preparing to go into the IDF. Limmud is a once in a lifetime chance for participants to develop independence and deepen their connection to the land of Israel, not through buses and touring but by engaging with the land and living with and among its people.

  • 11 months

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The ideal program for those who want to experience all aspects of Israel.

Limmud has recently added another incredible aspect to the program. From September to December – Chanichim will join a Mechina Olamit with Israel adolescents who are preparing to go into the Army. Chanichim will be able to interact with them, make life long friends, sharing cultures and classes.

As all 17 Limmud Marva participants arrived at Kiryat Moriah, we did not expect what was coming for the following 2 months.

We were instantly confronted with military style procedures and discipline, with even the smallest movements or noises being noticed and punished instantly. We made our way down to Sde Boker, where we would spend most of the next two months. There we met our new tzevet which acted as our family and finally were given our mefakdim (commanders). The tzevets contained people from all over the world ranging from Uruguay, France, Argentina and Guatemala. Our new tzevet and mefakedet were a crucial part of the Marva experience as we all began to bond and create a real family atmosphere. The importance of being a family was always stressed and showed us the comradeship that is necessary within the IDF.

For me, Limmud 19 was an experiential program across Eretz Yisroel providing me with a stronger connection to Judaism, greater understanding and love for Israeli culture and friendships for life.

23 Australians and 19 South Africans embarked on a journey travelling from the top to the bottom of Israel experiencing everything from working on a kibbutz, learning in a Beit Midrash, lessons on hadracha and immersing in Israeli lifestyle.

Surrounded by our Jewish brothers and sisters for 11 months, you walk away with not only a deeper connection to Judaism but a stronger relationship with Hashem. This religious journey is comforted by the welcoming, loving and warm atmosphere of the Israeli nation, building a greater understanding of the country’s history and forming connections with the land and people. Nothing can compare to walking into the program with friends, and leaving with a family.
Limmud is the perfect balance between building a growing Emunah and connection to peoplehood as it clearly defines what Bnei’s ideology is all about which is providing chanichim with the opportunity to actively strive towards personal growth and life experience.
Zac 2019

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