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Habonim Dror

The Habonim Dror Shnat program is an intensive 9-month educational leadership program in Israel. Shnat plays a significant and central role in the movement. The life-changing lessons learnt and experiences on Shnat enable participants to return home as leading role models for Habonim and the wider Jewish Community.


Each aspect of the Shnat program is structured in a way that gives each participant the opportunity to question, educate and challenge themselves whilst at the same time living, expressing and experiencing the movements values and ideology.


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  • 9 months

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Explore and experience both Israel and Socialist-Zionism

The program is split into a number of components. The first is Yesod, an intensive educational, social and leadership development program run for the first three and a half months of Shnat. It takes place on a Kibbutz, and aims to provide participants with a broad knowledge and understanding of Jewish and Israeli history.


Kaveret is the second component of the program in which participants will be living independently in houses in Israeli cities. Together with other movements and organisations, Gap year participants will be leading in a variety of projects for youth from all sectors of society.

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