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Hineni Shnat

Hineni Shnat offers immersive and authentic experiences that allow participants to gain essential life and leadership skills. The program combines education, volunteering, leadership training, travelling, and independent-living.


The 2021 Hineni Shnat program will be joining Israel By Choice to create an exceptional experience and broaden the opportunity for Australian youth to return home and be invested in their local community. There will be a Hineni track during the 5 month portion which is an intensive leadership/hadracha program which is facilitated twice a week.


For further explanation of the holistic Israel By choice program please refer to their information or contact

  • 5-10 months

Continual leadership focus at the core.

Stay tuned for more information on Hineni Shnat 2021.

"Hineni Shnat was one of the most incredible experiences of my life to date. It was a truly meaningful journey that allowed me to become more engaged with my Judaism, and form a deeper connection to Israel. Being so immersed in Israeli society for 10 months was a special, eye-opening experience, which also helped me form my own unique connection to Israel. We saw what it meant to live in Israel and do our part for society. I had the opportunity of seeing Israel through the lens of a First Aid responder for MDA. I wouldn’t have been able to get that anywhere else."
Sheina 2015
“Shnat gave me a space to explore and fall in love with my Judaism. People believe when shnat finishes that the journey is over however I believe it is just the start; shnat is the time when the seeds of curiosity and passion about Israel, Judaism, and a world view are sewn that will grow for the rest of ones life. I am and will be forever grateful I got to have a year to think about how I want to live my life and about the type of person I want to be in a place that is so inherently connected to my identity.”
Tali 2019

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