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Netzer Shnat

Participants of Shnat Netzer engage in topics of Israeli history, Israeli politics, Zionism, Progressive Judaism, leadership training and much more. Throughout the year, participants live, study and work together to create an intentional Progressive Jewish and Reform Zionist community. Together with Netzer branches around the world, participants learn about the relationship between diaspora communities and Israel, as well as being empowered youth who can make a change in the progressive communities inside and out of Israel.


For the first time ever, there will be additional add-on options for Shnat participants. These options include: leading a progressive Jewish Summer or winter camp, interning at a WUPJ community, providing humanitarian aid with Project Ten, assisting emergency responders with Magen David Adom or building your own Israel Experience.

*Additional costs may apply for these add-ons

  • 6 months

Want to know what you’ll get up to?

Learning together about independent living and community building.

Living in the heart of Jerusalem, participants are joined by others from around the world to learn together about independent living and community building. They will be taught by current change-makers, activists and educators, all working to improve Israeli society. Classes will incorporate the values of Progressive Judaism and Progressive Zionism in an informal way.


Engaging with the Progressive community in Haifa, the participants will integrate deeper into Israeli society as they experience social, cultural and political issues first-hand through meetings, workshops, tours and volunteering opportunities with Israelis. These Israelis work in community and social action projects across the city that improve the lives of Haifa’s residents.


Living in a flat in the city and meeting up with their counterparts, Noar Telem (Israel’s Reform Youth Movement), on their gap year program, the participants will gain insight into Israeli life from a new perspective. Three times a week the participants will volunteer in small groups or individually putting into action the ideology of Tikkun (repair) and their own passion for change.

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