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Israel Government Fellows

Israel Government Fellows (IGF) is an elite program of the Menachem Begin Heritage Centre, endorsed by the Office of the Prime Minister of Israel and operated within the framework of Masa Israel Journey. The program offers outstanding and highly motivated young university graduates an experience at the heart of the Israeli government, combining internships in government ministries and related organizations with educational seminars, Hebrew language studies and trips around the country.


The program is 10 months long and is available for candidates aged 22-30. Every year the best and the brightest participants from around the world are accepted, from different backgrounds and with diverse opinions and outlooks, helping them to develop themselves professionally, to explore Israel’s politics and people, and to fulfill their potential as Jewish leaders of the future.

  • 10 months

Combining internships in government ministries and related organizations with educational seminars.

The program’s duration is ten months and is based in Jerusalem. As well as working closely with government officials, prominent thinkers or social activists, participants will attend weekly seminars and travel throughout the country. They will meet with Israeli officials, policymakers, journalists, and a wide range of public figures; as well as exploring their own connection to Israel, Zionism and the Jewish people. The program provides Fellows with invaluable work experience and leadership development.


It is a unique opportunity for aspiring Jewish leaders to develop their talents while contributing to Israeli politics and society, learning about Israeli history and culture, and strengthening their connection with the Jewish state.

Israel Government Fellows (IGF) is a program designed to familiarise its participants with Israel’s political and social landscape through a strong seminar-based curriculum. The program brings key educators, stakeholders, decision-makers and opinion leaders together around a diverse range of issues of critical import in the Israeli public policy conversation.

There is also an excursion component in the fellowship curriculum. The program’s insistence to take participants to the more confronting locations of the country and engage in the more difficult conversations emphasises the uniqueness of IGF to present fellows with a full and well-balanced picture of the issues faced by the nation. IGF strives to push fellows outside their comfort zone and engage with the unique complexities and confronting situations which have become central to Israel’s political environment and public policy debates. The IGF curriculum provides a foundational and multifaceted experience through which fellows can develop an informed and nuanced understanding of the political and social affairs in Israel.

IGF also engages its participants in a full-time internship placement in either a government department, a policy-based think tank or a politically-oriented non-governmental organisation in Israel, providing fellows with unique and competitive professional experience in policy-making and political processes. In its totality, the IGF program provides its fellows with practical and translatable skills, confidence as well as a strong insight into the world of policy and political processes from a diverse range of perspectives to kick-start a career engaged with the political environment in Israel or abroad.

For my IGF internship I was placed in the Eurasia Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I worked directly with the director and staff of the division. In my role I provided research support and compiled reports on a range of issues of importance to Russian-Israeli bilateral ties. Throughout my time in the Ministry I had the opportunity to forge strong ties with likeminded, energetic and highly aspirational and inspirational young Israeli professionals. I also had the opportunity to connect with officials and diplomats who are deeply involved in managing Israel’s diplomatic relations with the world. Working in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, you’re always bound to run into an all-star of Israeli politics and diplomacy or a high-level delegation from overseas.
Benjamin Saling

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