If you have applied to Israel GO, You MUST also complete a Masa Application form, and with your program provider, to be eligible for Israel GO 

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Is Israel GO a Program?

No, Israel GO is NOT a separate Israel program. It is a funding initiative to support young adults participating in Masa Israel Journey gap year programs. For more information about Israel programs click here.

Who is eligible for Israel GO?

Applicants who graduated from high school from 2019 onwards or are of an equivalent age who wish (and are eligible) to participate in a long-term Masa approved program can apply for Israel GO support.

Click here for Masa eligibility criteria

If I apply to Israel GO, will I automatically receive the grant?

No. The ZFA will assess the applications before confirming and providing any grant.

If I’m getting other funding support, eg, from Masa, my youth movement, other; will Israel GO be on top of this?

Yes, Israel GO is in addition to any other funding schemes and independent of the amount you may receive. For example, if you’ve received support funding from Masa and your youth movement, you can still receive Israel GO support.

When will I hear about my application status?

The application deadline for Israel GO is 08/10/2021. We intend to update you in November if you’re application for Israel GO is successful.