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Kibbutz Ulpan

Kibbutz Ulpan is a 5-month multi-level language program for both tourists and Olim Chadashim (new immigrants) that combines studying Hebrew, meeting amazing young people from all over the world and having a unique experience of becoming part of a Kibbutz – living and working alongside locals on a Kibbutz.


Kibbutz Ulpan provides you with the tools of the Hebrew Language; conversation skills, writing and reading and allows you to experience authentic Kibbutz life with real Israelis. Some kibbutzim also provide the option of city internships instead of kibbutz volunteering.



  • 5 months

Learn Hebrew while living and working on a kibbutz.

There are 7 Kibbutzim that provide the Kibbutz Ulpan program. 5 are in the northern part of Israel and two in the centre of Israel, all of which are known for their beautiful  scenery.


Each Kibbutz has two 5-month sessions per year, so you will be definitely able to find one that suits you best.


Other important information:

  • Full accommodation on home Kibbutz  and access to Kibbutz facilities.
  • Supplementary educational programming including field trips, overnight hikes, seminars, lectures and cultural events.
  • 20-24 hours volunteer work alongside kibbutzniks and immigrants in various branches on the kibbutz.
  • All study materials provided
"Kibbutz Ulpan was the perfect program for me. Because the group was made up of olim chadashim as well as Masa participants and other visitors it gave me the opportunity to gain insight into the life and experience of new immigrants to the country.

During our ulpan days, it is amazing to see how quickly mu Hebrew improved due to the immersive nature of the learning.

Part of our work on Kibbutz involved working in the Greenhouse. This gave me the opportunity to help with crop production from planting to harvesting to to packing. I really enjoyed the experience and it gave me a new appreciation for where lettuce comes from when I see it on the shelf in the supermarket."
Sarah Humash

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