Israel Programs - Study / Academic

Study / Academic

Spend a semester or year in Israel and experience another culture while earning university credit. There is no better or more effective way to immerse yourself in a culture or learn a language than spending a semester or year abroad.


Studying abroad at an Israeli university will help you develop skills and expose you to experiences a usual classroom setting would never provide. Take courses you would never have the opportunity to take at home and enhance your degree.

With some of the world’s top universities, why wouldn’t you want to further your studies in Israel?

Study Abroad:

Your experience living and studying in Israel will set you apart and give you skills and experiences that will last a lifetime. All of Israel’s top universities offer study abroad programs across all fields and interests with the added benefit of most courses taught in English. You may also be eligible for very generous grants and scholarships from Masa Israel Journey.


Study Abroad + Internship Program:

Immerse yourself in one of Israel’s excellent academic universities and combine that with a professional industry internship in the ‘Start-Up Nation’. All you need to do is sit back and let the university find the perfect internship that will accelerate your career. This rare and exciting opportunity is only available through Masa Israel Journey.


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