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Yachel Social Change

Yahel Social Change Program is a unique nine month service learning experience for young adults. The program combines hands on volunteer work with in-depth learning and immersion. Yahel and its participants make meaningful contributions to Israeli society by working in collaboration with grassroots organisations and programs working in the local community in the fields of empowerment and education.


Our most immersive program puts fellows at the forefront of social issues facing Israel and equips them with the tools to create real, lasting change. Whether it’s teaching English to Ethiopian Israelis or helping a local NGO staff further a project, fellows become deeply involved in the grassroots Israel experience and in the communities they serve.

  • 9 months

Yahel was founded to bring future leaders to Israel to create lasting change in the communities we serve.


The core of the Yahel Social Change Fellowship is volunteer work. Fellows work side by side with volunteers and staff joining ongoing work in the following projects

  • Academic Assistance and Tutoring
  • Non-Profit work
  • Community Projects

By responding to community needs and using the individual skillset of each fellow, the Yahel Program is able to create tangible, fulfilling progress that leave both the communities and our fellows better off than before.


A major aspect of the program is learning by doing; in action-oriented education and relevant, profound experiences that encourage you not only to grow, but to ask questions that spark conversation. The courses in the program range from learning about Israeli society to skill-building workshops other relevant courses. Throughout your time on the program, weeks will be marked by seminars, meeting with local activists, peer-led learning, tours, and time for reflecting on it all.

"Yahel is undoubtedly one of the most influential experiences in my life. On Yahel, I entered a community where I did not know anyone. Over the nine months, I cultivated relationships with individuals from a range of ages, socio-economic backgrounds, lifestyles, and beliefs. I learned how to get along with people despite language differences and developed a strong sense of belonging to a community that was no more than a spot on a map a few months beforehand. I challenged myself, my beliefs, my preconceived notions and developed into a more knowledgeable, empathetic, independent person."
Rachel Lieberman, Yahel Social Change Fellowship 2016-17
"The Yahel fellows are role models for the children and teens they work with and everyone they interact with. It is remarkable to see young people take a year, travel across the world and give of their time in a completely different culture and environment while leaving their home and family behind. I meet the children which the Yahel fellows work with each week and they tell me how much they enjoy their time with them through the Homework @ Home program. Yishar Koach! (Well done!)"
David Armias, Atzamaut Project

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